Series: The Hymn Of Nature

Humans have been a part of nature since the dawn of time, however, with the emergence of technology and a busy lifestyle, people often overlook what nature has to offer which called for the need for ‘The Hymn of Nature’ series. The series highlights the details of nature that usually go unnoticed by equipping them with a perspective so unique that it cannot be ignored.

Series: Emotional Oasis

The series “Emotional oasis” highlights the deep-rooted relationship between the human mind and the surrounding world. It portrays the wide range of emotions that arise as a result of the influence of outside elements including other people’s beliefs, thoughts, and life experiences as well as one’s dreams and perspectives about themselves or the outside world.

Series: Enchanting Travels

The series ‘Enchanting Travels’ is an abstract keepsake of all the cities the artist has visited. The works are an echo of happiness and peace that enchants those who have travelled to the same cities and those who have dreamt of a journey to those places.
It instils feelings of curiosity, a need for exploration, re-juvenescence, positivity, happiness, peace and wonder. Each city comes with a unique set of characteristics which are highlighted through the use of vibrant, warm, cool or elegant colours inspiring a sense of passion and wonder for the numerous sights one can see and things one can experience.