Savya Jain is a New Delhi-based artist from India. She first dabbled with paint when she was a year old, which intrigued her and sparked her increasing passion for art.
With a bachelor’s in interior architecture and design, she obtained her degree. She participated in a number of seminars and short courses all around the world to hone her artistic abilities. She realized that she really wanted to pursue a profession in the art after taking over the design division of a corporation.

She developed her dynamic artistic style during the course of her practice, which is significantly visible in her works. Savya draws inspiration from her travels and the natural world, which enables her to capture her current emotions in relation to the scenic views and situations on a canvas using a symbolic colour scheme. She draws inspiration from her experiences and concentrates on recollection as well as the hues, fragrances, climate, and feelings that become the focal point of her painting.
She takes pleasure in discovering and praising nature and its works of art while accentuating sentimental details and everyday pleasures that uplift her audience.